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Medical/Psychiatric Care   

Within 24 hours of admission, every client meets with one of our psychiatrists for a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. The goals of this evaluation are to identify all of the issues clients are struggling with, including psychiatric conditions, co-occurring disorders and any medical issues that may impact treatment, and ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. Clients also have additional check-ins several times per week, based on each individual’s specific needs.

Our medical and psychiatric team is not only vastly knowledgeable but also easy to relate with. Our psychiatrists are both double board certified in psychiatry and addiction psychiatry and approach client care from a holistic standpoint. They coordinate closely with the entire Malibu Vista team as well as the client’s outside treatment providers to maintain continuity of care. If clients struggle with anxiety, insomnia or other issues during treatment, our psychiatrists work with them to address those concerns not only with medication (if appropriate) but also with emotional support and guidance.

Each week (or more often, if needed), clients also meet one-on-one with our full-time onsite nursing director. She educates clients about their medications, including any side effects or possible interactions, and works with our psychiatrists to ensure proper medication management. If a need for medical or psychiatric care arises after hours, our nursing director or psychiatrists are on call 24 hours a day.

In addition to an exceptional in-house medical/psychiatric team, our clients have access to some of the country’s leading specialists in the Los Angeles area. In the past, clients have worked with a holistic nutritionist for emotional eating issues, an aqua therapy expert for chronic fatigue, arthritis and other issues, and other professionals in varied fields. In every instance, recommendations and care are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

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