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Creative Art Therapy   

When clients come to Malibu Vista to heal from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, stress disorders, disordered eating and other issues, the last thing on their minds is dabbling in art therapy. They just want to get well.

Interestingly, along with traditional therapies such as individual and group therapy, family therapy and others, therapies called complementary and alternative therapies offer unique opportunities for clients to enrich their capacity for healing. One of these therapies offered at Malibu Vista is creative art therapy.

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What is Creative Art Therapy and What Can it Do?

Creative art therapy is a form of therapeutic treatment that allows a person to express their thoughts and feelings without saying a word. Working with their hands to create drawings, paintings, sculptures, collages or whatever artistic form of expression possible, the individual can convey emotions they may not feel comfortable talking about directly with their therapist or with peers in group sessions. What comes out through their creative efforts may be illuminating to the client, who was unaware of repressed anger or has buried shame and guilt so deep that it can’t resurface easily.

Art therapy provides clients with an outlet to get rid of painful feelings, to discover what their painful thoughts and feelings may mean, and how their pain has affected them. Together with our therapists, clients learn how to express feelings and emotions without resorting to alcohol or drugs, disordered eating or other self-destructive behaviors.

The creative art therapists at Malibu Vista have extensive training in how to recognize a client’s non-verbal metaphors and symbols used in art therapy. This allows our therapists to provide additional range of counseling services based on the individual’s needs as expressed through art and willingness to explore healthier ways to deal with conflict, pain, shame, repressed anger, guilt and past trauma.

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