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As part of our holistic approach to women’s mental health treatment, we provide a broad spectrum of traditional and alternative therapies. Following comprehensive psychological and/or psychiatric testing and assessments, our treatment team works with each client to craft a personalized treatment plan that may include:

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Recreational Activities

Drawing on the rich natural and cultural resources of the Malibu area, clients may participate in recreational activities both onsite and in the community. Examples include:

  1. Use of gym and athletic facilities
  2. Attendance at museums
  3. Visits to music, theater, movies and other cultural events
  4. Outings to the beach and hiking trails
  5. Self-care activities like weekend visits to the salon

Client Council

We value our clients’ feedback. For this reason, we created the Client Council, a group that advises management each week on various areas of resident life, including therapies, food, services and recreational opportunities.

Health Care Services

Medical care and screenings are supervised by our medical practitioner, who is a licensed physician with added qualifications in psychiatry. Depending on each client’s health care needs, our medical practitioner may coordinate with additional licensed health care providers, including physicians, dentists and other professionals who are known in the community for quality care. In addition, clients may consult with health care professionals of their own choosing.

Malibu Vista also employs a full-time licensed nurse who monitors the medical care our clients receive and educates them about their medical and psychiatric conditions and medication regimen, with the goal of enabling each client to become responsible for her own medication.

Treatment Goals

With guidance from our caring staff, women at Malibu Vista will:

  • Break the cycle of relapse and readmission to acute inpatient care
  • Acquire social skills that promote empathy, understanding and healthy relationships with others
  • Experience the benefits of psychological, emotional and spiritual health
  • Take responsibility for their illness by learning to manage their symptoms
  • Understand the effects, dosage and efficacy of their medication regimen
  • Learn the value of a lifestyle that includes healthy diet, exercise, and recreational and social activity
  • Advocate for themselves by asserting themselves in appropriate ways

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