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Our Philosophy   

We believe in the power of women to heal. Balance, flexibility and resilience are key components of mental health, and are central themes in treatment at Malibu Vista.

Tailoring Treatment to You

Current hospital-based mental health treatment is largely guided by economic factors that more often restrict and limit care to a finite period of time. Too often patients receive care that targets the acute crisis and does not address the underlying causes and conflicts associated with their illness. We provide our clients with a comprehensive treatment program that is tailored to each individual’s needs and that progresses at their pace.

Instilling Hope

At Malibu Vista, women are not defined by their illness. Our clients have the power to manage their symptoms, the cycles of their illness, and the medications and stressors that complicate their recovery so that they can go on to lead fulfilling lives. Even in the midst of major life struggles, there is always hope for recovery.

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Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit

Because mental illness impacts every aspect of life, we provide treatment that promotes healing in mind, body and spirit, with the ultimate goal being a balanced, healthy lifestyle. In addition to traditional therapies, clients have access to the full spectrum of alternative and adjunct therapies, including acupuncture, meditation and neurofeedback.

Building Resilience

In the face of stressors or challenges, our clients don’t crumble; they bounce back. An integral part of treatment is building the inner strength – resilience – to not only continue functioning in spite of life’s setbacks, but to thrive. Clients do this by learning to take good care of themselves, asking for support when needed and being proactive about getting their needs met – all the resources they’ll need as they move into the next phase of their lives. This process of personal growth happens outside a sterile hospital setting, in a safe, restorative environment in the hills of Malibu.

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