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Malibu Vista is an exclusive residential mental health treatment center designed especially for women suffering from depression, anxiety, personality disorders and other mental health issues. Residents live in a private, home-like setting in Malibu, California, with breathtaking views overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


We Transform Lives – And We Can Prove It

A long-term outcome study shows alumni of Elements Behavioral Health treatment centers enjoy a dramatic increase in days free of drug or alcohol use, less cravings, and improved mood and quality of life.

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Why Choose Malibu Vista

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A Safe Place to Heal

Our mental health retreat helps women feel safe sharing difficult feelings and delving into the deeper issues so they can move past their struggles and live fully again.

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Treatment Tailored to You

A high staff-to-client ratio and wide range of therapies helps us create personalized treatment plans that speak to each client’s unique needs.

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A Focus on Long-Term Recovery

We empower women with approaches that build resiliency, self-esteem and independence so that when they leave Malibu Vista they are well-prepared to face life’s challenges.

Malibu Vista provides comprehensive mental health treatment in a comfortable residential setting for those suffering from the following mental health disorders, among others: